GZ new Entry Speaker Line: The 2016 Iridium’s

Besides the sound quality performance, the key target of the newly developed Iridium Line speakers have been it´s efficiency to apply to all kind conditions of use and installation. In it´s price category, those new “GZIC´s and GZIF´s” are definitely setting a benchmark for both objectives. As a result, all of the new models perform greatly on either original head units or small-power amplifiers.

The line will contain two component speaker systems (GZIC), in 5″ / 130 mm (GZIC 13X) and 6.5″ / 165 mm (GZIC 16X) and four coaxial speakers starting from 4″ / 100 mm to 6.5″ / 165 mm coaxial speakers (GZIF 40X / 50X / 65X) and as well a 6×9″ 3-way version (GZIF 69X). With the update line, GZ brings a low resonance steel basket to the series which fulfills Euro-DIN standards. and has a reduced mounting depth compared to their predecessors. The magnets are protected by a plastic cover. The significant gasket with Ground Zero logo lettering comes with the larger models.


For the first time, all coaxial speakers of the Iridium lineup are equipped also with Ground Zero´s new tweeter panel carrying a 0.51″ / 13 mm Mylar soft dome tweeter and additionally a 2″ / 50 mm Mylar midrange with the 6×9″ model. For best protection, all of them come with PTC overload protection.

With the component speakers however, a 0.75″ / 19 mm soft dome tweeter with various installation parts and easy to install in-line crossovers are included. Together with the UV- and water resistant HQPP cone and rubber surround, the new Iridiums deliver a detailed, dynamic and imposing sound.

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